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Los Angeles pedestrian accident attorney

Los Angeles pedestrian accident attorney

What To Do When Involved In A Pedestrian Accident In Los Angeles

Statistically, most accidents on the roads involve pedestrians with vehicles. Some of the pedestrian accidents are not filed since they are not fatal. However, Los Angeles pedestrian accident attorney the risk of being hit by a car is apparent to everyone who walks on the streets of any city or even a rural road. In Los Angeles, pedestrian accidents are treated seriously. When you are involved in an accident, you should take steps to protect your rights. Since some accidents are fatal, family members should take the center stage and do everything necessary to get justice for their loved ones.

Actions To Take Immediately After The Accident

    Note The Number Plate Digits

If you get involved in an accident, you may be knocked down and remain unconscious. In some instances, the driver responsible for the accident may take off without paying attention to you. If the driver tries taking off, you should note the registration plate number of the vehicle down even if you are on the ground. You can ask the people around to write the number for you.

    Collect Evidence

If you are conscious and can collect evidence of the accident, take as many details as possible. You can take photos with your phone and record conversations. Evidence will play an important role when presenting your claim in court.

    Get Medical Attention

If you are involved in a pedestrian accident, you should first get medical attention. Sometimes, people do not feel any pain immediately after the accident. Do not be fooled if you feel okay after a car hits you. You should first go to the hospital and get a full medical report. Internal injuries may take time to show up but they may also be fatal.

    File A Police Report

In most cases, Los Angeles pedestrian accident attorney police officers may pay you a visit even before you leave your hospital bed. It is important to give a full account of the details of the accident as it happened to the police. Even if you were at fault, make sure you give the police a full report. You should clearly elaborate on the actions of the driver before and after the accident.

    Talk To A Los Angeles Pedestrian Accident Attorney

If possible, you should talk to a pedestrian accident lawyer before talking to the police. However, sometimes the police may arrive earlier. Make sure you contact an attorney as soon as possible. You can request to have your attorney visit you in the hospital so that you can have a full understanding of the matter.

    Do Pedestrians Take Responsibility For Accidents

The simple answer is yes. If the accident on the road occurred due to your negligence, the law may force you to take some responsibility. But this does not mean that you should not be compensated. In Los Angeles, only a small fraction of the compensation may be withheld. If you get involved in a pedestrian accident and feel that you are the one on the wrong, you should contact an attorney immediately. A professional Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyer will help you prove your innocence and claim your rightful compensation.

What If The Driver Is At Fault?

Los Angeles pedestrian accident attorney In all circumstances, the driver holds the greatest responsibility in ensuring road safety. As much as the pedestrian has a part to play, the driver is in charge of a lethal weapon. The driver should exercise caution and always be ready for any inconveniences. However, even when the fault is clearly with the driver, getting compensation for pedestrian injury is not easy. The insurance firms will try shifting the case to other causes so as to avoid paying the compensation. You need a good attorney on your side to be able to claim your compensation.


It is important for you to always protect your rights while you are on the road. Although you are the victim at the scene of the accident, you are still the only person who can protect your rights. It is your duty to document as much evidence as possible. If you are still conscious, make sure you mark the registration plate numbers and take photos if possible. The evidence you collect will help you get compensated for the injury. Accidents usually lead to high medical bills. Without compensation, your life may be completely disorganized. Talk to an experienced Los Angeles pedestrian accident attorney for help.