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The knee joint it’s where the two largest bones in the body meet the femur the bone running from the hip down to the knee meets up with the tibia running from the ankle up to the knee and they form this joint which is a hinge joint.

It only moves up and back it doesn’t allow for the range of motion like my shoulder like what I’m doing right now up and back and all the way around but the bones themselves actually meet at an area where the tibia they call it the tibial plateau the top of this bone right here that I’m pointing to.

The top of the bottom bone meets the femoral condyle the femur right at the knee joint and if you’ve ever taken a look at a turkey bone or a chicken bone you know that at the very ends of these bones is a smooth white glistening surface well let’s known as articular surface and.

That allows for that free flow and even movement of the bones to allow us to move without pain or without any of thright us without any trauma but in fact when the defendant driver drove into Doris Day know he caused an injury to the left lateral tibial plateau fracture aney only caused by a bumper hitting.

Her this way this is the direction that the car was coming so make no mistake about it it’s not what he said or what she said it’s the medical proof that answers the case as to how the accident unfolded Doris Tannen was taken into surgery and the doctors did do a major surgery trying to reconstruct her tibia plateau which actually suffered a depression of an inch and a half and they have to use bone from this area of her body known as the iliac crest.

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