That was his great passion, taking branches from fallen trees and carving them into walking sticks.Today Robin is a leader of a group that he set up, made up of all age groups, sticks and who are learning how to make sticks and sharing those walking sticks with people in the community.The significance of the story is this robin is not a client in a service.Robin is a citizen at.

The center of his community, using his gifts, neighbors along with the gift neighbors, to make a better community and a more inclusive community.So often when we label people as vulnerable, or as deficient, or as problematic, what we actually do is define them out of the community, and redefine them, not as a friend and as a neighbor, but as a client in a service system.And I think that when we do that.

we take some of the Building Department soul away from the person, all in the name of helping them.Sometimes, we don’t just do that to individuals.In many communities around the world, we’ve actually done it to entire villages, in some cases entire continents.We have to figure out a way of lifting those labels, which obscure the gifts of communities, the resources, the capacities, the untapped reservoir of possibility, and creativity, and invention that exists in every single community,if only we could focus on what was strong within them, lot about so that they could use that strength to address what’s wrong.Well, one of the places where we’re lea lot about how to make those invisible resources more visible is in a place called Wirral, another place in the UK.One of our community builders has been working across the Wirral to find the hidden treasures that exist in that community.

I understand the challenges or the feelings of you know not wanting to have someone notice my braces year however it’s not like a bad toupee weren’t trying to be mean no got one on tell everyone how they can get hold of you for to come in and have a check up you know we would love to provide anyone watching with a free consultation, oh wow our phone number is okay so of course there’s the information up on your screen now but you can also head over to our website at good for you Toddcom forward slash midday.

I loved I love that you’re giving away Dental Care Chicago free consultation for you today I love it because people also a little bit intimidated to come into a dentist oh-yeah thank you so much for all sharing this as well and good luck with youtube hey I’m Gleneden way back to you all night looking great thanks a lot right coming everyone knows that straight teeth give you a beautiful smile did you know that straighten teeth can also affect your overall health crooked or misaligned teeth also known as malocclusion effects seventy-four percent off.

American adults left untreated crooked teeth can lead to periodontal disease and create abnormal-amounts of stress on teeth and jaws which can lead to premature wear the effects of crooked teeth can worsen over time and may adversely affect your overall health common types misalignment include crowding spacing debate open byte crossed might edge to edge bite and excessive overjet crooked teeth can affect your bite creating natural stress and pressure leading to premature wear teeth that are subject to excessive pressure can develop.

This is Tom Donny and Fort Dodge Iowa at Fort Dodge transmission today I want to talk a little bit about a used transmission versus a rebuilt transmission we do see a lot more people day with the price of rebuilt automatic transmissions pleading in used ones when you’re talking about a used rear end oar used manual transmission or a used engine something like that I think you’re okay you can do some swapping there but on automatic transmission the choice has become a lot cloudier and what will actually interchange and then the problems that we actually have within automatic transmission trying to use used one first we look at let’s walkabout.

Today a Chevy heavy truck salvage Impala and let’s say you go to a salvage yard and you want to pick one of those up this was what your tyranny would lookalike and from the outside this transmission is going to look the same with a lot of different makes and models but the differences will be very subtle and they’ll be internal and they’re based off your ID tag here but once beget over we start looking all of sudden for the same tyranny for a Chevy Impala I can have different sprocket ratios these ratios are different depending upon your engine size and application within that chassis with in that vehicle chassis then we’ve got rear end Rick so those.

Final drive ratios we’ve got three different choices you can use there to our most common but there’s three that are actually used we’ve got wiring used transmissions schematics to go inside the transmission there’s two different ones that can be used on a chevalier and then we get to converters a lot of times the transmission is matador it’s supplied to you on the used market out of again out of a chassis types it might be a Buick old Pontiac or Chevy and in that group we can have five different converters used five different choices for converters and those all determine stall speeds and load ratio of that transmission so just going and finding a salvage yard tyranny.

That looks exactly the same and yet came out of a you know what there’s all kinds of choices you can have there and that’s just for compatibility issues the compatibility issues will cause you either driving characteristics or inmost cases it will cause a check engine light kick on and a computer malfunction which is going to require parts to be changed or in most cases.

sometimes freeze-thaw cycles will shift edging out of place or in the case of this rock bed the large rocks that originally edged it look nice but mowing and weeding around them was difficult and time-consuming before we install the new landscape fabric we’re going to replace those rocks with beveled trench edging maintaining the existing curve bed shape bevel trench edging gives landscaping anent well manicured look as with any digging project it’s important to call the national call before you dig number a few weekdays before you start so your utility companies can mark the approximate locations of any underground.

lines to learn snow removal more visit call dig the edging by hand you can use manual turf edger or a flat bladed Spade begin by cutting the outside edge straight down about or inches should do it then remove the turf to create gradual slope in the grass edge up into the bed if you have a lot of edging to dig you may want to use a power edger that can cut devil trenches as we a redoing if you use a power edger wear eye protection and follow the manufacturer’s usage and safety instructions to keep trench edging looking neat it needs Tobe refreshed every once in a while just rake the rocks or mulch out of the cayuse a lawn edger to tidy up the edge then.

Rake everything back into place with the edging dug we’re ready to install the new landscape fabric we estimated the area of our rock bed first to determine how much fabric and how many boxes of landscape staples to buy if the fabric has a fuzzy side that side goes against the soil surface lay out the fabric to cover the entire bed all the way to the edges if the bed is much longer than it is wide unroll the fabric along the length of the bed to minimize the number of separate pieces needed overlap each piece by at least or inches to prevent weeds from springing up in between since we have a tree in the middle of our bed we’re cutting.

Hole just big enough for the trunk if you’re cutting holes to accommodate existing plants or add new ones you may eventually need to enlarge the holes to give the plants more room secure the fabric with staples spacing them about one foot apart staple at each corner along each edge and along every overlap with that done our next step is to return the rocks to the bed if your walks are really dirty.

you may want to hose them off before putting them back digging the new edging made our rock bed just a little bit bigger so we’re adding few more bags of rock to build it up to a depth of a couple inches put these tips to work on your landscaping to help keep it looking neat and attractive I’m Tony and I’ll see you next time.

With a little piece of pipeline it’s just explained or you can use this in a regular one a regular put together and that would give you a and it’s a little bit shorter and a lot of times when you’re in a wall and trying to make the turns real estate in the length of your fittings is crucial it might not fit if you don’t we use street fitting so understand that there there if you don’t quite have enough room to use to regular fittings or you know even like I say if you had something like this you know you might not have enough room to put another.

Another full regular on here you could do this in shorter space it would be maybe an inch longer it may be a little bit higher fit was not a street type fitting so thievery handy to have you definitely want to pick them up I talked about reducing elbows you know they have AL bows that they’re four inc hand go down to three inch I don’t use those very much or three to two or what-have-you wise wise they’re important okay this isa little add-in segment that I wanted too because I didn’t have all the pieces so that’s why I’m dressed differently now in the in the old house I want to-talk about wise now remember Repair my plumbing when I said you never want to use a sharp turn on the horizontal so if you had a pipe-going through a floor and you needed to either add another drain into it or maybe go off in a ninety.

To another drain you know four that way or this mayor what have you that you don’t ever want to use a ninety on the flat because this turn is too sharp remember when the fitting is flat you only have a very-slight you know quarter inch per foot-slope to the thing and having this char pattern especially when you’re talking about a fixture to have solids can meant can mean clogging or slowing of the flow which can cause problems so you never want to use this kind of a fitting on the horizontal they’re great on the vertical and they’re great for venting.

But if you’re going Lincoln Heating and Cooling to have liquids flowing through them you don’t want touche this so how do you do that the beltway is to by using a Wye a Wye connection looks like so and it lookalike a Wye and it’s spelled WI e by the way and aye connection is how you want to either feed like say you had a main drain going through a couple.

Chris Need a dag hey grab a chicken I need your check triple eight you put your chest down ref ref ref what is going on I just need to tag to Chris just let me tag oh thank you come here Triple H oh my god he sackful you’re in deep smart bull crap Oh No there we go[Applause]oh wait a minute all right get out of here Rick we got things to do over here no how did you get undo what.

I gotta get him out of cornerstone we’re going up top do this match is out of control this match is officially going off the rails come here ref quick oh my oh my best-case scenario best case scenario is he tags back out to Rick player because Triple ain’t losing easy no you don’t would you another pedigree I got pedigrees for days oh he’s knocked out he’s knocked out oh my god triple.

is Ode on right now bro this is nut show is he doing Mathis hit you with this – I go I’m a hurt- Triple H oh yeah I got pedigrees forays Triple I got pedigrees for days knock out knock out knock out knock out Oh cannot win the match by knockout I guess not cuss I should’ve been knockouts is absolutely insane this match has gone on for like damn minutes you’re going to lose triple agent.

you are going-to like it you are going to lose do you hear me you were gonna be a loser Triple H here we go Frank a signer pin oh yes we stole hospitably crap that was there was a time during this match that I got so scared that I was gonna lose so scared that I was gonna lose mm-hmm that was some scary stuff all right.